Completed just before Hurricane Katrina, DESIRE offers a poignant perspective on the complicated dynamics of gender, class, and race in New Orleans.  Collaborating with filmmaker Julie Gustafson for five years  – two girls from the Desire public housing project, a working-class single mother and two girls from a prestigious private high school - make intimate videos about their changing lives.  Masterfully weaving these short films into a larger narrative, Gustafson creates a landmark portrait of young women whose desires and choices are profoundly shaped by their family, social, and economic backgrounds.  DESIRE has been featured in numerous national film festivals and received the 2006 New Orleans Film Festival awards for Best Documentary, Best Louisiana Film, and the Grand Jury Prize.  Additionally, DESIRE was awarded Al Gore’s ‘Reel Current Award’ at the 2006 Nashville Film Festival.

Color, 84 minutes
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"A film so full of spirit and life you don't want it to end."

Barbara Kopple
Academy Award-winning Documentary Filmmaker
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